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1895 – At barely twenty years of age, Ambrogio Cagliari left the futureless hard toil of the fields, and got on a boat for South America. In Brazil he found work in the coffee fazendas, first as a simple farm labourer. Thanks to the ability he demonstrated, he was quickly promoted to foreman, and thus learnt the art of selecting, roasting, and blending coffee; skills that would be useful to him in later years. He became an expert, and in 1907 was sent to France by the Brazilian government, to represent and promote Brazilian coffee in Europe.


1909 – With his family and children in tow, Ambrogio returned to his homeland and settled in Modena: in Piazza Grande, in the very centre of town and facing its historic cathedral, he opened a coffee roasting and tasting shop in pursuit of the “Grande Torrefazione del Caffè Brasile”. Here coffee, selected and imported directly from Brazil, was roasted, blended, and then grounded and transformed into hot drink. Going to drink a “Brazilian coffee” became a ritual for the young and the old of Modena, who could for the first time experience this fascinating drink.



In over 100 years of activity, Caffè Cagliari has focused its efforts on the production of Espresso coffee blends of constant and refined quality, endeavouring to improve the production process from raw coffee to the cup, and placing the same level of concentration on all phases: from processing (roasting, blending, packaging) to commercialisation, and to the extraction of espresso coffee.

From 2000, Caffè Cagliari achieved the quality management system certification in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standard, renewed in 2003 pursuant to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. The company has adopted strict quality control procedures in all its production and distribution process phases, as required by the international certifying body CSQA.

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